Marketing Packages

We should mention that our managed marketing packages include content creation (Photo/Video/Copy Writing), as well as free or discounted digital ads on our partner websites.

Inbound Marketing

Want potential clients & customers coming to you?

  • Campaign Strategy Design
  • Top of Funnel Asset Creation
    • WhitePaper
    • Display Ads
    • Video
    • Blog
  • Ad Placement on one of our partner sites
  • Landing Page Design
  • Email Capture & Re-marketing
  • Metric Monitoring & Reporting 

Inbound Marketing is all about tailoring marketing experiences for your prospects to help them identify a problem they have that is matched to a solution you offer. These are sophisticated campaigns with content and ads at the top of the funnel, combined with landing pages for lead capture, and mechanisms for re-marketing. 

We can help you design effective inbound marketing strategies from the top of the funnel all the way down to the conversion. We can help create white papers, blogs, Display Ads, Videos, and any other content piece you may need for the top of the funnel. We will help you decide where to place these pieces of content as well as help you design effective landing pages for information capture and retargeting/re-marketing. We will help you put these systems in place, monitor them for effectiveness, and make adjustments as needed. 

Did we mention our partner sites? If you are selling products or services to people & businesses inside the greater Saratoga Springs area, we are the marketing agency for you. Our relationship with SaratogaTodayNewspaper.com, SaratogaBride.com, SimplySaratoga.com, and SaratogaBusinessReport.com offers you discounted and sometimes free ad placement on their sites. Combine that with Google Ads, and your inbound marketing will be everywhere your prospects are. 

Back to Basics

Digital Display Ad Campaign - Social Media (does not  include ad spend) 

  • Set Up Fee for Ads manager and Social Access included
  • Digital Ads for Facebook and  Instagram 
  • Graphic Design for Ad creation included 
  • Geofencing and Targeting included 
  • Monitoring and metrics reporting 

Organic Social Media Content Posts (does not include boosting) 

  • Facebook and Instagram Included 
  • Additional Channels available for 
    • Twitter 
    • LinkedIn 
    • Pinterest

Email Campaigns 

  • Graphic Design for email creation included
  • Monitoring and metrics reporting included
  • Assumes Client has contact lists already created
  • Programs for creating and growing distribution lists


  • Google Adwords Management 
  • Graphic Design for Display ads included 
  • Geofencing and Targeting included 
  • Monitoring and metrics reporting included 
  • *** Video production for youtube pre-roll not included
  • Google My Business Page Management 



Everything in the Back to Basics Package plus:

  • Written blogs every month. 
  • Photo/Video Shoots each quarter.
    • Long Form Video 
    • Short Form Video 
    • Staff Shots, Work Shots, Headshots, etc. 
  • Remarketing/Retargeting Programs for Facebook/Instagram/Google Ads
  • Youtube Channel Management 
    • Includes uploading of videos as well as proper description, tagging, etc to maximize SEO Value. 



Spit and Spat in Saratoga Springs' Congress Park.

Pay As You Go Options

Not everyone has the budget for recurring monthly marketing fees, even at our low prices. Others just do not want to get into the commitment of a managed marketing contract, so we have added a pay as you go option. 

What is the pay as you go and how does it work? We can approach it a couple of ways. 

The first approach is to do just a straight hourly fee determined by the type of work. Simple, straightforward approach to getting the marketing help you need. 

The second approach is to purchase blocks of time in 10, 25, and 50 hour blocks. The advantage here is that you are given a discount on the time you are buying depending on the number of hours.

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