Instagram's Limitations

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Instagram's Limitations

A popular social media platform may have been looking strange for some users lately. Changes made by Instagram may be the main driver for this. Posts from beloved accounts have not made their way onto the feeds of their followers. Engagement with  content has been rapidly fluctuating. So, what is going on and how can you prevent it? Keep reading to find out!

Instagram has made changes to its algorithm as well as to the filters created by the app itself. The “limited sensitive content filter” within the Instagram app for Iphone users has restricted visibility of some posts. This means any content Instagram deems inappropriate will not be shown to individuals in their feed and will only be visible on your profile.

Recently your feed may look different - One major change is that the social media site has moved away from a chronological feed. This means that posts are not always appearing on your feed at the time they were posted. Posts are now being seen anywhere from minutes to days after they were posted.

These changes have had the ability to affect the engagement rates of content being posted and have challenged business everywhere. 

Instagram has stated that, “We use a variety of algorithms, classifiers, and processes, each with its own purpose.” 

These algorithms are constantly evolving and aim to better the experience for the users of this social media platform.

Five important interactions that are able to determine ranking which will be considered for the likeness to be put onto someone's feeds. These include amount of likes,time spent on content, amount of comments, if people have saved the post and also how often individuals have visited your profile.

If a majority of these five categories are not being fulfilled, the amount of interactions on your account may be harmed.

How you interact on Instagram can have an effect on how others interact with your content. It has been seen in some cases that if accounts had not interacted with their followers' pages, then their content was not shown on their followers' news feeds.

So how do we fix this? Here are some tricks and tips from our team's research and experience!

  • Deactivate “limited sensitive content filter” in your settings
  • Consistency is key!
    • Post regularly and keep your content consistent
  • Utilize hashtags
    • Do your research and use hashtags that have to do with your post, content and page.
  • Interact with your audience
    • Liking, commenting and reacting to your followers' content can not only build relationships but help your account.
  • Follow trends and stay up to date with new Instagram features.
  • Use Instagram analytics to your advantage.

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Sources: https://later.com/blog/how-instagram-algorithm-works/

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