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Have you been told that you have potential? Do you want to be compensated based on how well you perform?

Web Developer

We are looking for someone who loves a puzzle. Someone who loves the satisfaction of being given a problem and then finding a solution without being shown, helped, or told. In many ways, much of building websites is just that, solving puzzles.

We build websites using Joomla CMS and sometimes Wordpress. Most of our website builds require subtle changes that give them their unique look. It is not always obvious what to do. The ability to make these changes requires research skills coupled with problem solving, and a little trial and error. 

If this sounds interesting, keep reading. If not, feel free to keep exploring our website.

Also, depending on your views of the Oxford Comma, we may want you to leave this page. We can suss that out later though. 

Every project is a new challenge, puzzle and chance to be better.
Plus you get paid.
Sweet, right?


  • Work remote or we can give you a desk - your call.

  • Start part time, prove yourself and it can go full time, or stay part time - your call.

  • Build your skills & resume, or enjoy a long career with us - your call.

  • Make a little bit of money or make a lot - your call. 

  • Oxford Comma - your call. 

Are you seeing the pattern here? Bottom line, we want you to feel like you are controlling your own destiny, having fun, and taking away from this role what you want to. 

Meet the Team

We are happy to have you come in and meet everyone!

Introduce Yourself

Drop us a line. Send us your resume, CV, or rap sheet.

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Finding Us

Finding us is easy

If you are looking for a specific body of work, drop us a line. We are happy to send you examples from our portfolio.

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